Solec South Africa

Residential Solar Services Full turn-key solutions to your alternative power needs. Take your energy  supply into your own hands Commercial Solar Services Commercial solutions for more energy independence. Minimise your energy costs. Industrial Solar Services Industrial solar solutions providing businesses with a reliable energy  source, cost saving and low maintenance.

Blue Planet Power

Blue Planet Power is primarily a Solar P.V. Supplier and Installer with 20 years of experience in renewable energy. UPS Backup Systems Our whole house UPS backup systems are designed to give you back-up power in the event of a household emergency or power failure. Lithium-Ion Solar Systems These systems are designed to take you [ » ]

Sunor Energy

As experts in all things solar power we here at SUNOR know just how intimidating solar power seems to many homeowners prior to having one installed. With so many different choices for systems available, prices, and different levels of quality out there it behooves homeowners to seek the assistance of a professional contractor even if [ » ]